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3 Responses to About (Bigfish Network)

  1. Dear Maseo & Fuki,

    I love your site! The music is really great. What talented and fresh performers. You people have terrific taste!

    I’m a lounge/neo-soul/nu-jazz composer and performer with a new CD out on my Matahari Music label. How would I submit my music for your review and to possibly get it included on your great site here? Thanks so much. Keep up the good work!

    ☮ ♥ ♬

  2. Dear Maseo & Fuki, Your site is totally awesome. I write, arrange, produce & perform. And very respectfully. How can I submit my music for your review & possibly get it included on your site? Thanks!

  3. eurico paulo says:

    Hi. We’re looking for a record store in Japan whereby we can sell our music.

    Please tell us a little about yourselves and if there’s any possibility you could assist us

    We’re an Indie record label called Afrocentric Artz and we currently have a CD we would like to sell in Asia through your store exclusively.

    Here’s the link regarding the artist we’re pushing right now.

    The playlist on this site is about 30 seconds a song. We don’t have complete song on our website.

    The CD is a Digi pak with 15 songs on it and shrink wrapped.
    Underground hip hop/ rap music.
    The artist… Snazz D
    Album Title… Bad For Business

    Please reply to

    Kind regards Eurico

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